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Effective Representation Across Multiple Practice Areas

At Michael J. Betts LLC, our accomplished litigator works closely with clients to explain their options and to pursue their case goals. We can advise you in a range of practice areas.

Mr. Betts has extensive experience within the financial sector, having served as in-house litigation counsel for PNC bank from 2009 to 2014. Working within this industry for decades, our attorney can thoroughly evaluate the details of your case, explain the state and federal laws at play and create a strong case strategy on your behalf.


Investor Assets: Over $20 million recovered

How can we protect your financial security?


Is your financial advisor mishandling your account?

Let us review your brokerage account statements to defend your rights.


What’s in an employment agreement?

We draft and review contracts for employers and employees.

Providing Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

In addition to skilled litigation representation, Mr. Betts is widely respected for his work in mediation, arbitration and early neutral evaluation (ENE). These methods allow us to resolve many cases in a fraction of the time and cost that litigation requires.

As a mediator, Mr. Betts objectively evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s argument and helps the parties and their counsel develop an acceptable resolution. We ensure that you understand the risks and costs of proceeding to litigation so that you can make an informed decision on your case’s direction. No single approach is right for every case. Mr. Betts will thoroughly evaluate your unique situation to determine which resolution strategy can offer the most benefit.

Michael J. Betts
Michael J. Betts

Michael J. Betts

Trusted litigator, arbitrator, mediator.

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When you face a legal issue, you deserve to work with a knowledgeable and honest lawyer. Call Michael J. Betts LLC, at 412-935-7073 to schedule a consultation at our Pittsburgh office. You may also contact our firm online. When you partner with us, you can trust that your case will be handled in a respectful and confidential manner.

We review investor brokerage accounts for a reasonable flat fee and evaluate employment contracts on behalf of employers or their employees. Ask us for more information about these valuable services by contacting Mr. Betts by phone or online.

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