Is Your Financial Adviser Mishandling Your Brokerage Account?

You work hard for your assets and wisely invest to prepare for your family’s long-term financial security. If you entrust a financial adviser or broker with these funds, they are expected to act in a responsible and professional manner, making decisions in your best interests.

Unfortunately, not all money managers can be trusted. If you suffer from a broker’s incompetence or willful neglect, we can protect your rights and your investment. With over 35 years of experience in securities litigation, attorney Michael J. Betts can provide the strong representation you need.

We have successfully recovered over $20 million on behalf of investors.

Review Services: Identifying Misconduct

If your account is under-performing, or your money manager is unable or unwilling to answer questions, you may suspect that they are mishandling your account. Our skilled lawyer has decades of experience within securities litigation. Mr. Betts can identify breaches of proper conduct and protect your rights.

Our firm can thoroughly review your brokerage account and pursue potential instances of misconduct. If your broker or financial adviser fails to uphold their duty of care, we can file a claim on your behalf. We are skilled litigators, mediators and arbitrators. We can resolve your claim in the manner that offers you the most benefit.

Contact Us To Schedule An Account Review

We will thoroughly examine your account to identify red flags that could signal inappropriate account management. Let us protect your financial security and provide peace of mind that your money is being properly invested.

Call Michael J. Betts LLC, at 412-935-7073 to schedule a consultation at our Pittsburgh office. You may also contact our firm online through the form below. Reviews will be conducted for a reasonable flat fee. We can discuss this with you during our initial conversation.