Business owners in Pennsylvania have many issues to consider when it comes to hiring staff members, renewing contracts and ensuring that employment matters are addressed properly. Likewise, job applicants and those who start a new position often have a lot of concerns and issues to consider as well. At Michael J. Betts LLC, we know that many of these issues involve employment agreements, which is why it is so pivotal for employers and employees to address any areas of concern properly and take steps to prevent a dispute from arising down the road. 

Employers and employees alike need to reduce the likelihood of a dispute by carefully analyzing the details of a contract before signing. If any questions exist, areas of confusion require careful consideration. Sometimes, a contract needs revision prior to signing. In some instances, disagreements are unavoidable and they result in litigation. If you are an employee facing court over the terms of a contract, or you are an employer struggling with a dispute over a job contract, it is imperative to analyze the details of the agreement and resolve the dispute properly. 

Many employers have a lot on their plate and finding time to work through these disputes is often tough. However, the outcome of the case will likely affect the company in various ways, not only in terms of finances but also with respect to the reputation of the business. We discuss more on our employment contracts page, please visit this part of our site if you want to read more about handling a dispute over an employment agreement.