As a business owner in Pennsylvania, you have established what your trade secrets are. Now, it is important to know exactly how you can protect them. In doing so, you also protect your livelihood.

According to FindLaw, the first step toward protecting your trade secrets is one you have already accomplished: actually identifying what to protect. Next, documents that contain protected information should be properly labeled. Make sure they are marked as confidential. Circulation of these copies should be limited and strictly monitored.

Internal and external protocols should then be set up for handling security. While caution is needed even inside of the company, it is important to have bulky security when dealing with outside vendors as well. As they are less loyal to your company, they may be more likely to pass on information into the wrong hands.

On a related note, providing employees with proper training and explaining your policies on trade secrets can help cut down on the unintentional spilling of these secrets.

Security is also a big component, of course. The larger your business is, the more steps you will likely have to take to protect trade secrets. Some can afford personal or cybersecurity experts, and larger businesses may have secure zones with mandatory badges to access the area. But smaller businesses may be able to suffice with more rudimentary methods like simply having a locked filing cabinet.

If you are looking into ways to protect your business or are trying to fix a breach in your current security system, consider contacting a business law attorney to learn more.